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Salt Academy is a premium guided online learning technology academy, designed to create professional in Information Technology (IT) field. By joining SALT Academy, the future graduates will experience online learning built from the ground up, with real-life cases, experienced lecturers and tutors, and 100% job placement. In supporting the learning experience, students will be using enterprise-level project management tools and develop their soft skills in leadership and communication.


to be the leading technology specialists academy to improve Indonesian citizen wellbeing through technology knowledge.


to equip students with both technology skills (hard skills) and soft skills (leadership & communication) to drive technology talent supply in the market.


“Welcome to SALT Academy. It has always been my personal passion to provide education for technology in Indonesia. Our goal is to make you a successful professional in the technology industry by equipping you with tech knowledge and training that are currently being utilized in the commercial market. On top of that, SALT Academy will provide leadership and communication learning as mandatory for you to become future leaders.”
Marco Widjojo
CEO SALT & Principal SALT Academy